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Diving Vs 7 Greens
Diving without any impact is impossible as the underwater ecosystem is very sensitive, but we can minimise it.

    Green Heart by Travellers

  • Do not touch any living underwater plants or animals, including corals.
  • Do not collect any souvenirs, living or dead.
  • Do not harass marine wildlife or interrupt their normal behaviour; such as, mating, feeding or resting.
  • Do not chase, lure, ride or block the path of free-swimming animals; such as, turtles, dolphins or whales.
  • Do not move closer than 300 m to a whale or 100 m to a dolphin.
  • Be careful not to disturb marine wildlife when taking underwater photographs.

    Green Logistics by Travellers

  • Choose a liveaboard to reduce the carbon footprint as it minimise a number of sea transfer to the dive sites.

    Green Activity by Attractions

  • Consider the experience of your clients and take them to the dive sites which they are best suited to.
  • Give clients a pre-dive talk on the logistics of the dive site, low-impact diving techniques and the general rules of diving, and stress the importance of underwater conservation.
  • Do not dump an anchor where there are coral reefs underneath.
  • Rotate dive sites to avoid over-using a particular site.

    Green Plus by Tour Operators

  • Organise an underwater clean-up day where diving is free in exchange for picking up garbage.
  • Bring back to shore any garbage you find at dive sites.

    Green Community by Attractions

  • Limit the Tourism Carrying Capacity (TCC) in terms of the number of divers per day for each dive.
  • Install or lobby for permanent buoyed mooring at dive sites which are experiencing anchor damage.
  • Maintain mooring buoys at dive sites you use.
  • Monitor wildlife and coral cover at dive sites regularly so you are aware of any degradation; e.g. take underwater videos and photographs and record their dates.
  • Alert local authorities to any environmental disturbance you observe at dive sites.
  • Bring back to shore any garbage you find at dive sites.
  • Punish those who commits illegal fishing practices strictly; such as using explosives or chemicals.
  • Continuously train staff to improve the standards of service, especially rescuing.

    Green Service by Attractions

  • Choose local products for your customers; for example, local food and drink.
  • All food served on the boat should be kept in reusable plates and glasses. Avoid using plastic at all cost.
  • Dump garbage on the main land instead of the islands if possible.

    Green Attraction by Attractions

  • Educate local fishermen to do fishing by the right way and out of coral reef areas.
  • Have good management of solid waste, from the reduction of waste, especially the non-recycled one, to the categorisation and disposal of waste, in order to reduce the greenhouse effect.