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Elephant Trekking Vs 7 Greens

    Green Heart by Travellers

  • Follow the tourist attraction’s rules and regulations, and the officers’ instructions.
  • Dispose of the waste and garbage in the provided bin. If possible, take the garbage and waste to dispose of outside the tourist attraction.

    Green Service by Attractions

  • Use natural material; such as, banana leaf, to pack food to eat in the jungle. Use local materials in servicing visitors, for example, food, welcome drinks (herbal drink, coconut juice, fruit wine, etc).

    Green Activity by Attractions

  • The Thai Elephant Conservation Centre in Lampang uses alternative energy initiated by the Royal Project Foundation. Biogas from elephant dung and solar cells have been used to generate electricity. The Centre has very well made itself a Green Attraction, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s 7 Greens Concept.
  • Elephant camps should have an official licence for using elephants in the shows. The animal‘s welfare should be according to the rules and regulations.

    Green Logistics by Travellers

  • Carpool when travelling with friends or use a pick-up service provided by the elephant camp. Fewer cars will be driven, reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

    Green Community by Attractions

  • Set the Tourism Carrying Capacity (TCC) which covers the number of visitors per day, to minimise the damage done to the tourist attraction.
  • Members of the community or the tourism-related associations should help educate and encourage the whole community to participate in the environmental and cultural conservation.

    Green Plus by Tour Operators

  • Help plant trees in forests and along the streams or help grow forages for national park’s and wildlife sanctuary’s animals. These plants will also help to absorb carbon dioxide.

    Green Attraction by Attractions

  • Limit the number of rounds, showtimes and duration for elephant shows or elephant trekking activities for each elephant, considering its age and health.
  • Elephant camps should educate visitors about the care and importance of elephants, lifestyle of mahouts, as well as encourage tourist participation in conservation.