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Rafting Vs 7 Greens

    Green Heart by Travellers

  • Dump garbage only in the spot provided. And it is much better if you can take back all garbage and dispose of it in town in the spot provided.
  • Do not feed wildlife, as it will disturb or interfere with their natural behaviour.
  • Camp only in the area provided.
  • Try not to bother the nature.

    Green Service by Attractions

  • Give useful information about rafting; such as, paddling techniques, how to read a river, hand signals and how to rescue yourself before it starting. Arrange enough rescue teams along a river.

    Green Activity by Attractions

  • Limit the Tourism Carrying Capacity (TCC) per day in terms of the number of travellers.
  • Notification and enforcement of rules and regulations to travellers once they arrive.
  • Continuously train staff to improve the standards of service, especially rescuing.
  • Organise optional Zero-carbon transportation; such as, bicycles or ox carts.

    Green Community by Attractions

  • Use PVC pipes to create a raft instead of bamboo trees in order not to bother the nature.

    Green Logistics by Travellers

  • You might consider other slow travel options in order to reduce the carbon footprint; such as, travelling by train instead of airplane or carpooling.

    Green Attraction by Attractions

  • Have good management of solid waste, from the reduction of waste, especially the non-recycled one, to the categorisation and disposal of waste, in order to reduce the green house effect.

    Green Plus by Tour Operators

  • Organise a volunteer-based programme dedicated to directly cleaning up a river as often as possible.