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Rock Climbing Vs 7 Greens

    Green Heart by Travellers

  • Do not use too much chalk because it is a chemical that can cause damage to the environment.
  • Always put your waste and garbage in the bin to help save the environment.
  • Set up a tent in the provided campsite only.

    Green Service by Attractions

  • Use local products for servicing visitors; such as, local food, welcome drinks (herbal drinks, coconut juice, fruit wine, etc), pottery tableware and basketry.
  • Motivate visitors to participate in ecotourism.

    Green Activity by Attractions

  • Give a clear instruction on what climbers should or should not do when rock climbing. Explain the reasons why it is crucial for tourists to give full cooperation.
  • Warn climbers about behaviours that could damage environmental resources.

    Green Logistics by Travellers

  • Commute by train instead of by plane. If you bring your own car, try a Car Pool so few cars will be used.
  • Use a limousine service from a rock climbing agency. Using fewer cars results in less consumption of petrol and less carbon dioxide emissions.

    Green Community by Attractions

  • Set the Tourism Carrying Capacity (TCC), in terms of the number of tourists and rock climbing routes.
  • Give full support to government agencies and local government organisation in protecting and maintaining the tourist sites.
  • Organise the training or send appropriate human resources for training to increase the standard of rock climbing and rescue.
  • Organise the training or send appropriate human resources for training to increase the service standard.
  • Arrange environmental-friendly transportation for tourists; for example, horse carriage, cart or bicycle.

    Green Plus by Tour Operators

  • Form a team of volunteers to clean the rock-climbing area.

    Green Attraction by Attractions

  • Have good management of solid waste, from the reduction of waste, especially the non-recycled one, to the categorization and disposal of waste, in order to reduce the green- house effect.