Ko Thepho
Ko Thepho
Ko Thepho

Bike Tour to Uthai Thani’s Oasis: Experience the Charm of River Communities

Ko Thepho

Travel Info

Located on the East of Sakae Krang River, next to Uthai Thani town. It is easily accessible by foot or bicycle.

GPS Location
N15° 22.077’, E100° 4.178’

TAT Uthai Thani Office
tel.+66 5651 2916

Facilities & Services
Bicycles, map, coffee shop, accommodation, restaurant, shop, restroom and parking.

Surrounded by 2 rivers – Sakae Krang River and Chao Phraya River, Ko Tepo is known as the Oasis of Uthai Thani. It is considered as the largest fresh water island in Thailand. Located on the opposite side of the city of Uthai Thani or on the east of the Sakae Krang River, visitors can explore the island by cycling through the provided bike trails to enjoy the peaceful scenery and local lifestyles.

This eco-friendly bike tour starts from biking across a small bridge at a municipal market, commonly known as Wat Bot Bridge to visit Wat Ubosotharam, situated by the Sakae Krang River. The most prominent feature of the temple is its octagonal multi-tiered roof, an evidence of early Rattanakosin period’s architecture, which reflects the European and Chinese influence on Thai culture at the time.

Then, visitors continue cycling along the temple’s wall, passing a pomelo orchard. It is amazingly pleasant to cycle along the bike trail under the shade of big trees and see various types of butterflies coming out to greet passers-by. Once reaching the Crocodile Farm, you will see a beautiful view of the Sakae Krang River. If you are lucky, you will catch the scene of small fishing boats in the river community greeting each other, making you feel warm at heart.

After passing Wat Khum Sap, you will bike along the Chao Phraya River. Along the way, it is fascinating to see the simple way of life of the local people in the community where some have fish farms in traditional floating baskets, and some are doing basketry.

Next you will see the amazing scenery of sugarcane and corn farms, experiencing the true lifestyle of the Uthai Thani locals. When cycling to the corner of the temple – almost the end of the trail, turn right towards Ban Tan En and continue to Ban Rong Namkhaeng. Along this route, the scenery of green fields is astoundingly beautiful. You will see storks and pelicans all around the fields, enticing visitors to walk along the ridges.

Once arriving at the Ban Rong Namkhaeng, a famous tourist village, cycle further through the village and there you will see a small waterfront pavilion, where you can chill out watching fishermen and boats passing by. Additionally, some locals will show you how to make dried fish, aromatic incense, baskets, etc.

Know Before You Go
"The bike trail around Thepho Island is approximately 33 km. A bike map is available at hotels, Utai Coffee Shop, Charoen Bicycle store and Uthai Thani Tourist Information Centre. "

"Try refreshing iced coffee at Utai Coffee Shop on Si Uthai Road, near the History Museum. They also have a bicycle rental service. Working hours: 7.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. (www.facebook.com/CoffeeUtai)"

Where to Rent a Bicycle
"Bicycles are available for rent at many hotels in Uthai Thani city centre and Utai Coffee Shop."

Bicycle Repair
"Charoen Bicycle is on Thachang Road."


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