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Agricultural Adventure through Mountain Biking

Over 800 acres, the Park Adventure Land is an agriculture adventure farm hidden in a valley. With abundant land and endless swamp, visitors will have a pleasant eco-adventure by mountain biking along the bike trails. Read More

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Travel the Virgin Forests beside the Seaside City

The stream originates from the Chamao mountaintop and flows for 3 km down 8 levels, which is moderately physically demanding. Each level has a distinctive beauty depending on its natural surroundings. The trail up the eight tiers of the waterfall cuts through a tropical broad-leaved evergreen forest and mixes exercise with relaxation. Read More

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Canopy Walkway over the Golden Mangrove Field

This 2,400-acre mangrove plantation is considered the largest in Rayong province. Not only is it an important supporter of the local livelihood through the fishing of crab, shrimp and fish, but also presently there has been development in the field of ecotourism of Pak Nam Prasae’s natural areas. Read More

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