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Explore Thailand’s Only City Surrounding the Woods

If people were to mention woods, everybody would think about a large forest with high and low mountains stretching around the area. But at the Southern International Botanical Garden (Thung Khai), the majority of the forest here is on a plain, which is Thailand’s one and only for now. Read More

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Explore an Amazing Cave in the Middle of the Sea

Tham Morakot or the Emerald Cave is an extremely beautiful sea cave hidden among the cliffs. It can only be entered when the tide is low by using the small cavity as an entrance. The cavity during the low tide would be high enough for kayaks to enter. Read More

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A Thrilling Boat Ride through the Backbone of a Dragon

An amazing natural wonder (Unseen Thailand), the main attraction at Khao Kop is this stream which flows through the cave. A canal from the Banthat Mountain Range is divided into 3 waterways upon reaching Khao Kop, with 2 going around the mountain and the other with a length of 800 m flowing through the cave under the mountain. Read More

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Snorkelling and Viewing Shallow-water Corals

This is the most beautiful island of the Trang Sea, located to the west of Ko Muk and Ko Libong. It has more than 600 rai (approximately 240 acres) of land. The sand on the beaches is fine and white, and the water is clear enough to see the strips of sand beneath the water’s surface. Read More

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