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Cruising into the Hidden Heaven of Nature

Rajjaprabha Dam or Chiao Lan reservoir was constructed in 1982 under the supervision of Khao Sok National Park and the Provincial Electricity Authority to generate hydro-electricity to Surat Thani city and other nearby towns. When water filled the dam over 150 islands formed; many of them are stunning pillars rising upright against the bright blue sky. Read More

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Kayaking across the Ocean Admiring the Scenic Panorama of 42 Islands

Comprising 42 islands, the Mu Ko Ang Thong are mostly steep high rock mountains. Ang Thong islands are renowned for their beautiful miraculous nature. Having arrived here, the adventurous activities which could not be missed is to kayak across the ocean from one island to another. Read More

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Jungle Trekking and Canoeing to See Rare Plants and Animals

Tourists can choose to explore Khao Sok either on foot or by elephant-back. Khao Sok is a rainforest that is wet almost all year round because of the dual influences of the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. See the miraculous variety of wildlife and plant life coexisting in much complexity. Read More

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Heaven Underwater in the Gulf of Thailand: Diver’s Paradise

With the charm of the emerald green underwater world, the beautiful coral reefs have led to come to dive in shallow and deep water not less than 700,000 people per year. This has made Ko Tao the number one diving destination in Asia. Read More

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