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Kayaking into the Amazing Unseen Chet Khot Cave

Satun is not only a place of seas Once in your life, just visit “Tham Chet Khot” or “Satta Khuha Cave” (Chet or Satta in Thai means Seven). Here, you will experience the wonderful nature where a curved cave is located through the big mountains. Read More

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Heaven of Shallow Coral Reefs

In Thailand, the soft corals at Ko Tarutao and Ko Adang-Rawi are the most beautiful in particular at “Jabang Pinnacle” – the most popular dive sites (max depth of 18m) for snorkelling and scuba diving where the colourful corals in pink, red, purple and a variety of marine life including Seahorses, Pipefish, Lionfish, Shrimps and Nudibranchs can be found … Read More

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White-water Rafting to Waterfall by kayak

Khlong Lam Lon is Satun province’s main canal, originating from the Banthat Mountain Range which connects 3 provinces – Patthalung, Trang and Satun. The stream is flowing down from the watershed forest to the Andaman Sea at Pak Bara – creating many small rapids including Namtok Wang Sai Thong, the only limestone waterfall in the South. Read More

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