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Unforgettable Canopy Experiences for Everyone

The canopy adventure is one of the popular things to do in Phuket, located high up on Nak Koet Hill. “Xtrem” offers no less than 69 stations with various types of canopy activities; for example, challenging tightropes, a fun flying fox, an adventurous zip wire … Read More

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Ride a Boat across Waves and See the Underwater World

The area close to Phuket has many interesting diving areas. One of these places is “Ko He”. It is an island with two beautiful beaches. The island has restaurants, as well as accommodation. To the west of the island, you will find Rock coral, Branch coral, and Fan coral in a long reef. Read More

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Elephant Adventure Experiences

Phuket is not only famous for its beaches and variety of beautiful marine creatures, but tourists can also take an adventure in an amazing environment of forests at Amazing Bukit Safari. Here is the place where all adventure and tourism locations are situated and which allow tourists to experience close interactions with elephants in private and comfortable surroundings. Read More

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