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Take a Trek, Swim and View the Birds

One of the most beautiful cascades in Kanchanaburi; it is a large 7-level limestone waterfall where the light water that reflects off the water in the natural pool in varies from sapphire blue to emerald green, due to its high level of calcium carbonate. Read More

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Unforgettable Camping Experience along the Historical River

Wild exterior and polished interior of Africa. Hin Tok River Camp @ Hellfire Pass is the safari tented camp nestled on a historical piece of land upon the pinnacle of Hin Tok Mountain, overlooking the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi. Read More

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Soft Adventure on the Historical Path

The Hellfire Pass Museum was beautifully designed cooperatively between the Thai and Australian governments in an effort to collect information, photos, and the various items used during the construction of the Death Railway during World War II. Read More

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Hike through Dense Jungle to Explore a Wall of Water

The Phu Toei Waterfall trail is a trail that was only recently opened to the public. The trail is still quite fresh and the jungle untouched. This activity is not suitable for children, seniors, and over-weight people because it involves hiking up and down mountains in dense jungle for 5 hours. Read More

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Kayaking from the Mon Bridge to Explore a Wonder of Unseen Thailand

Visiting Sangkhla Buri you should not miss going to put food offerings in a monk’s alms bowl at the “Mon Bridge” in the morning while enjoying the view of “Sam Prasop” (a connecting area of 3 rivers; Song Kalia, Ranti, and Bikhli Rivers). Read More

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Fly, Race, Roll, and Soar

Within the 1,190 acres of this resort, there are many exciting activities and fun areas for you to enjoy. High flying is one of the most popular activities of The Nature Club Resort. This activity is also known as the canopy adventure in which takes you on a tour down the spectacular rainforest, set in the Sangkla Buri Mountains. Read More

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Explore a Breathtaking Natural Wonderland

Tham Lawa is one of the most famous caves in Kanchanaburi, it was first discovered with ancient human’s skeletons. The journey through fascinating caverns starts from a steep climb on stairs up to the opening in the small mountain. Read More

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Ultimate Underworld Adventure

The amazing beauty of the ancient stalagmites and stalactites, hidden in the cave for thousands of years, is now discovered and will be your marvellous adventurous experience. You have to descend the waterfall cave with a height of 25 metres. In the dark, you can see the way with a head-flashlight. Read More

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The Most Thrilling Adventure. The Ultimate Spelunking.

Tham Hin (Stone Pillar Cave) is renowned to be the most unspoiled beautiful cave in Thailand. It has also been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as containing the tallest cave pillar in the world. The pillar was created by the growth of stalactites and stalagmites that have slowly grown until they have fused together. Read More

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Cross Mountains, Float, Climb, and Explore Unimaginable Beautiful Stalactites

Tham Nok Nang Aen (or Swallow Cave) is another interesting place in Lam Khlong Ngu National Park that is worth your time. Part of the Khlong Ngu River flows through it. The water first flows underground before the cave’s entrance only showing up again in the middle of the cave itself before disappearing underground again at the end of the cave. Read More

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