Khung Wiman Beach
Khung Wiman Beach
Khung Wiman Beach

Paragliding along a Light Breeze and Viewing the Bend of the Watercourse

Khung Wiman Beach

Travel Info

From Chanthaburi town, take Highway 3 (Chanthaburi–Rayong) and continue on Highway 3399 until you reach the beach. However, you need to contact the Thaiglider Club for an appointment.

GPS Location
N12° 36.31’, E101° 52.46’

Thaiglider Club
tel.+66 2895 8879

TAT Rayong Office
tel.+66 3865 5420 to 1
+66 3866 4585

On a day with clear skies, the wind blowing moderately, waves crashing into the cliffs of Khung Wiman Beach, is a great time to be floating above the sea on the colourful engineless wings of a parachute. Open your eyes to a new point of view with paragliding.

The Khung Wiman beachfront area, besides being known for its long curved beach, it also has a two lane street that runs along the beach’s length thought to be the most beautiful of eastern Thailand. There is also an area in which the mountain slopes into the sea creating beautiful scenery and calming atmosphere.

It is shaded by a variety of beach vegetation; such as, beach sea-oak. Moreover, the breeziness of this location is highly suitable for paragliding because the activity depends upon the headwind and the warmer land surface air temperature to lift you off the ground. Also the spacious field will allow you to set up your parachute above your head while the high cliff helps block strong gusts of wind before you run into the head wind and launch. Under the parachute, over the sand, see the narrow curves of the bay and the view of the pines along with the emerald sea sparkling in the sun. To your side you can see the green mountains and admire them while being cooled by the breeze as if you were in a land of happiness.

Know Before You Go
"The best time to fly is during November to May. Flying with an instructor for leisure takes roughly about 1-2 hours. There is a learning programme for beginners to paragliding with experienced instructors. The course takes about 10 days before you get your first flight with the instructor."

"You must reserve beforehand. Strictly follow instruction and check wind conditions before every flight."


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