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Two Bays…Over 600 Trails Towards a Cliff Hanger’s Haven

The glamour of climbing at Railay Bay are the surroundings decorated by limestone cliffs, emerald sea water, beaches reaching out to the corners of the sky, and cliffs that are ideal for real cliff hangers. Railay Bay is separated into 2 sides: The Eastern Railay Bay and the Western Railay Bay. Read More

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Abseiling on the 4 Cliffs 5 Waterfalls into a Kayak

One hour before your adventure begins, there is a short tutorial and practice for abseiling and kayaking, at Khao Loan Adventure Centre. This is to test the adventurer’s spirits, upper body strength, readiness of equipment, as well as to divide rations. Read More

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Abseiling on the Cliff through the Wang Tum Waterfall

A new travelling style at Khao Kho, the ideal combination between the ecological and adventurous activities, has Namtok Wang Tum, an essential waterfall of Dong Long villagers in Khao Kho District that is only known by a few people, as a highlight of its activities. Read More

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Rafting, Climbing Rock, Exploring Cave and Spending Nights in a Little House in the Big Woods

Kio Lom Dam is a large dam blocking the Wang River, a main river of Lampang province and the North of Thailand. This dam is not just meant for irrigation, but also to be one of the main attractions in Lampang and the North. Read More

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Ideal for Adrenaline Challenge, Testing the Height of Crazy Horse Cliff

The mountain at Mueang On Cave has its own beauty with its height reaching 150 m. There are two sides of the mountain, with the first side being a huge and stunning cave where tourists can enjoy exploring inside the cave and view the peculiarity of animal-shaped stalagmites and stalactites. Read More

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Rappelling into the Sinkhole: Unlock the World Mystery

The Spirit Well Cave, also known in Thai as “Tham Nam Bo Phi”, is Lahu people’s spirit cave. It is considered the biggest and deepest sinkhole in Thailand with the size as big as 2 football fields. The most amazing part is the 140 m depth, measured from the opening to the lowest point. Read More

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