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Hiking through the Forest, Pass through a Sea of Mist, Inhale the Scent of Nature on Mountains

Pang-Ung is officially called “The Royal Forest Project at Pang Tong 2 (Pang-Ung)” which has a forest of pine trees surrounding a large water reservoir. The atmosphere is charmingly quiet, especially during the winter mornings during the months of December to January. Read More

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Rafting and Exploring Caves to Learn the History and Stories of Ancient Humans

Tham Nam Lot is under the supervision of the Tham Nam Lot Nature and Wildlife Education Centre. There is a brook named “Nam Lang” flowing from the cave entrance to the very end of the main cave. Formed by a small stream running through a crack in the limestone surface for millions of years … Read More

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Rappelling into the Sinkhole: Unlock the World Mystery

The Spirit Well Cave, also known in Thai as “Tham Nam Bo Phi”, is Lahu people’s spirit cave. It is considered the biggest and deepest sinkhole in Thailand with the size as big as 2 football fields. The most amazing part is the 140 m depth, measured from the opening to the lowest point. Read More

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Taking Wild Rafting, Conquering Pai River

Pai River is a meandered river that is not very wide. Most of the area of the river is shallow and full of pebbles. You can see rocks emerging at the middle of the river from point to point. Along the river, there is a line of unspoiled forest, which is also a residential area. Read More

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