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Rafting on the Rapids in the search for Ancient Jellyfish and Rare Butterflies

The freshwater jellyfish at Thung Salaeng Luang National Park is an ancient species that can be found in a few places across the world. These ancient creatures can be seen only during the end of February to May since the stream will be shallow and still unlike the other times of the year. The water may look black, but the locals insist that it is not polluted. Read More

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Abseiling on the Cliff through the Wang Tum Waterfall

A new travelling style at Khao Kho, the ideal combination between the ecological and adventurous activities, has Namtok Wang Tum, an essential waterfall of Dong Long villagers in Khao Kho District that is only known by a few people, as a highlight of its activities. Read More

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