Thong Kwao Airfield
Thong Kwao Airfield
Thong Kwao Airfield
Thong Kwao Airfield
Thong Kwao Airfield
Thong Kwao Airfield
Thong Kwao Airfield
Thong Kwao Airfield

Explore Chiang Mai with a Flying Big Basket

Thong Kwao Airfield

Travel Info

From Chiang Mai, take Highway118 and continue on Highway1014 after passing the Doi Saket District Office for 5 km. Then turn left and follow the signs “Thong Kwao Airfield”

GPS Location
N18° 50.225’, E99° 8.413’

Balloon Adventure Thailand
tel.+668 3838 0898
+668 9500 3732

Facilities & Services
Pilot, various size of balloon, transfer service, breakfast, restroom and parking.

A new once-in-a-lifetime experience for tourists looking for that classic feeling of airborne adventure travelling at the mercy of the winds. Let the cool air blow on your face and body as you slowly gain altitude until peaking at 2,000 metres and deeply breathe in the pure fresh air. The extensive 360-degree view from high above will show you the green skyline of the surrounding nature. The warm rays of the morning sun shine through the winter mist while some mountains are totally enveloped by thick fog. Such an atmosphere of romance will be imprinted into your memory for a long time to come.

The gigantic balloon lightly floats along the gentle breeze taking you so high you can see Chiang Mai city. Look down at the Mae Kuang Dam below you and the beauty of the sun shimmering soft orange off of the water surface. The next thing you know the balloon’s basket is gradually lowering down to find a landing spot. The experience captures you so fully you don’t notice the time passing by. The final part of the flight is very exciting because you do not know where the wind has taken you. You will be on your toes until the bottom of the basket touches down onto the ground. After the excitement of landing and both your feet are planted on the ground, you will be granted a certificate of bravery. Keep it as a souvenir of your adventure above the skies of Chiang Mai.

Know Before You Go
"A transport service is available to pick you up from your hotel at 6.00 a.m. and return you back at 9.00 a.m. The reserved day and time may be changed depending on the weather conditions for your safety. "

"Dress warmly and do not wear loose clothing. The best times for ballooning are right during sunrise and before sunset. This is for the beautiful view, as well as for the efficiency of balloon operations."

Season to Visit
"November – March "

Time Spent on the Balloon
"1.15 Hours"

"Follow the pilot’s instructions strictly."


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