Hup Pa Tat
Hup Pa Tat
Hup Pa Tat
Hup Pa Tat
Hup Pa Tat

Journey Back to Jurassic Park

Hup Pa Tat

Travel Info

Located in Tham Pa Thun Non-Hunting Area. From Uthai Thani, take Highway 333 (Uthai Thani – Nong Chang) and then continue on Highway No.3438 (Nong Chang–Lan Sak) for approximately 90 km.

GPS Location
N15° 22.645’, E99° 37.822’

TAT Uthai Thani Office
tel.+66 5651 2916

Facilities & Services
Tour guide, restrooms and parking lot.

Walking through a long pitch-black stalactite Hup Pa Tat cave, where a flashlight is needed, you will feel like you have just made a journey back to the Jurassic Era once reaching the other side of the cave. It is incredible that the dark cave can lead you to this gigantic chamber of tropical evergreen forest with plenty of Arenga pinnata along the way (Arenga pinnata is prehistoric plant in the same family as palm trees). Hup Pa Tat is abundant with a variety of uncommon and rare plants; such as, Chukrasia velutina and strangely-shaped banyan trees. Detailed information of the plants is provided.

Roaming around the valley is considered a distinctive pleasant experience. Surrounded by limestone mountains, only limited sunlight shines in during the day. As a result, the area is humidified, making the weather perfect for you to enjoy a nice walk around, and appreciate the tropical trees and the chirping of various kinds of birds.

Walking along the 700 m path, you will find many animal footprints like those of deer, bulls, bears, boars and you can even see tigers’ claw marks on the trees. A wild boar might come out to greet you. If you are lucky, you will see rare animals like elongated tortoises and shocking pink dragon millipede, recently discovered in 2007 in this fascinating Hup Pa Tat.

Know Before You Go
"Hup Pa Tat is closed at 4.00 p.m."

"The best time to travel is during 11.00 a.m.-1.00 p.m. as the sunlight will shine into the valley only around midday. It is the best time to catch the perfect reflection of sunlight on the rocks and plants. Do not forget to bring a flashlight and mosquito repellant."

A Bit of History
"Sueb Nakasatien, the legendary Thai conservationist, literally sacrificed his life to protect this forest for later generations until nowadays."


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