Patara Elephant Camp
Patara Elephant Camp
Patara Elephant Camp
Patara Elephant Camp
Patara Elephant Camp
Patara Elephant Camp
Patara Elephant Camp

A Memorable Adventure with Your New Big Friend

Patara Elephant Camp

Travel Info

From Chiang Mai town, take Highway 108 and turn right at the Big C junction to Samoeng District. Continue along Highway 121, you will automatically enter Highway 1269.
Then drive for 29 km. and you will see the farm entrance on the right.

GPS Location
N18° 48.18’, E098° 50.32’

Patara Elephant Camp
tel.+668 1671 0958
+668 1992 2551

Facilities & Services
Guide, food accommodation, restroom, bathroom, souvenir shop, transfer, video and photography services.

This green field in a small valley with the natural stream is a small elephant nature camp. This camp might be small in size, but it has great happiness of humans and elephants living together naturally. This is not an open camp where you can tour or see the elephant shows or ride an elephant into the forest. This place calls itself as a “farm” because it is a place to teach the real natural life of elephants by encouraging people to realise the value and importance of elephants. Here they do not ask for sympathy but ask for the true understanding in the nature and mind of elephants.

The highlight adventure here is we will live and learn together with the elephant for 1 whole day under a restricted number of tourists. Everyone will have an elephant of their own to take care of for the entire day. Prior to the beginning of the adventure, you will be told about the history of elephants and how they became the symbol of Thailand.

Then you are getting to start by knowing the elephants’ name and how to communicate. You will learn how to observe the elephant’s health and how to feed and clean it correctly by yourself. You will also learn how to naturally ride the elephant as the real elephant keepers do (no regular platform). You have to know how to instruct and ride on the elephant without hurting it. Moreover, there is no howdah (a seat fastened on the back of an elephant) which can cause an indirect injury to the elephant here. You will have a chance to ride the elephant through the forest, water, mud and the mountain trail enjoying the scenic nature like a real elephant keeper. You will take the elephant to the waterfall, eat with it and take a photo together to have a good memory.

Know Before You Go
"What makes the farm’s owner different is he really knows and understands the elephants. So he built this farm with his heart and will. The key of this farm is to breed elephants and protect them from becoming extinct. The farm also offers the elephant riding service for elders and the disabled."

"This activity must be booked at least 7 days in advance."

Defining Experience
"The end of the elephant riding route is a beautiful waterfall. Upon reaching the destination, everyone will picnic together in a real natural style; such as, having meal served on a banana leaf. Then you can relax or enjoy playing with the elephant in the river."


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