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Travel the Swamp and Be Surprised by Various Birds

The Boraphet Swamp is the largest fresh water lake in Thailand. Covering an area of about 51,400 acres, it is the habitat of numerous fish including the near-extinct Siamese tiger fish making it a very interesting place to visit. It is also a nesting area for many types of water fowl; such as, the Purple Swamphen, the Bronze-winged Jacana, the Little Grebe, the Great Egret, the Pheasant-tailed Jacana, and many more … Read More

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The Adventurous Trail in Nakhon Sawan

The Adventurous Trail in Nakhon Sawan Mae Rewa Creek Travel Info From Nakhon Sawan, take Highway 1072 (Nakhon Sawan –Lat Yao–Klong Lan) and continue on Highway 1117 (Khlong Lan – Umphang). The entrance to the Mae Wong National Park is … Read More

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